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RsvTea is a start up created by a charismatic Macalester graduate. Inspired by fizzy energy teas that are more prevalent in Europe, RsvTea created a product that was more delicious to drink than your average Lipton or Arizona teas, and better for you than your average energy drink or soda. The brand was built on a juxtaposition of wholesomeness and energy, bringing forth something approachable and exciting. 

Identity + Packaging

AD: Greg Brose
CD: Brian Adducci
Designed while at Capsule

other logo concepts 

Inspired by the health benefits of tea and by the bubbling excitement of an energy drink, a range of potential concepts helped to zero in on the right personality.

energetic flavors 

With three stand out flavors, the structure, warmth, and quilt-like nature of the logo needed to expand. With an electric green and a muted purple, the palette not only captures each flavor, but does so with both energy and sophistication.

entering the beverage space 

As a startup, the primary goal facing RsvTea was to spread awareness and generate funding. Looking beyond the logo and packaging, we created a visual system that applied to pitch materials and business cards, providing a consistent voice, further legitimizing the brand and products to potential buyers and investors.