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Sotastick Co

In the last few years, Sotastick has evolved form a passion project from creator Landon Johnson into a Minnesota sports nostalgia apparel movement. Drawing on his pride for Minnesota sports, Sotastick has consistently found new ways to appeal to the unique experience of the Minnesota sports fan. I was honored to help create some of the early designs that would go on to become some of the best selling items for the company. 

Apparel + Illustration + Packaging

Hired by Sotastickco 

The minnesota mask

This design shows the hockey mask of the former Minnesota Northstars. The goalie mask is an iconic symbol of the team. When wearing this shirt, you become part of an elite tribe of true Minnesota Hockey fans. 


This design commemorates an iconic moment in the 2004 playoff mashup with the Green Bay Packers, namely the moment Randy Moss flashed the moon to Green Bay fans when celebrating a touchdown. Even if you weren’t alive or around to catch the event, it lives in infamy for Vikings fans. This design was even celebrated by Randy Moss himself. 


As part of a larger campaign to celebrate the drama of hockey, I was commissioned to design three iconic illustrations representing the Celly:  a player celebrating victory, the Beauty: the player with flowing hockey hair, and the Goon: the aggressive instigator that fights on behalf of the whole team. These characters appeared on apparel as well as packaging for hockey wax. The illustrations and packaging drew inspiration from vintage hockey cards through their color and their bold, graphic illustration style.