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The Pinky Swear Foundation

Pinky Swear is a favorite and longstanding client of Capsule. With an origin story that always makes me cry, this organization supports families with kids battling cancer, providing them with both financial and emotional support. It has been extremely rewarding to help Pinky Swear share their story and and extend their reach in order to support more of families in need. 

Non Profit + Campaign Design + Illustration 

CD: Brian Adducci
Designed while at Capsule

visual support 

With a preexisting brand logo and brand colors, the work created for Pinky Swear played an important supporting role. We worked to add extra visual elements to help articulate their personality, purpose and impact. Above are icons inspired by the primary areas of support the organization provides. Their application can be viewed below in their 2017 annual report. The combination of these elements achieves a marriage of sophistication and child-like whimsy. 

campaign expression 

Pinky Swear utilizes the seasons to encourage audiences to donate, while providing new platforms upon which to reach new audiences. For the winter months, we created a campaign called “season of yes” inspired by the fact that donations to Pinky Swear allow the foundation to “say yes” to more families in need. Using existing brand colors, this visual campaign fits within the larger brand, while providing an extra layer of meaning and visual interest.

social systems 

A primary area of impact for the Season of Yes Campaign was social media. Translating the visual system for this campaign to these platforms gave the foundation the tools they needed for a push across multiple channels.

for and about kids 

Every year, Pinky Swear creates events to engage kids in fundraising. These events feature a variety of materials, such as the T-shirt below, that speak to kids more directly. These items, while distinct, still work  under the larger Pinky Swear umbrella.